January 26, 2016


The Optimized Warehousing project is a cooperations of academics and professionals which designs tailor-made optimisations for companies. Rather than offering yet another expensive and difficult to maintain software package, we aim to integrate our solutions into your pre-existing software systems with the aid of our software specialists and your in house IT-professionals. The focus of our product is you and your company, by keeping your goals and ideas in mind we search for the best strategy and implementation for your specific needs.

Cost Focused
The focal point of our initial analysis is the practical cost reductions which can be obtained at your company, our aim is to translate warehousing strategy into your financial returns. This focus on the bottom line greatly simplifies the decision making process. Moreover, the calculation of these costs is based on the information gathered at your company’s site of operations, not based on fictitious or generalized data. This focus on real data leads to real improvements, and real cost reductions.

State-Of-The-Art Algorithms
Thanks to our close cooperation with academic researchers, we are able to provide your company with the current state-of-the-art in algorithms and solution procedures. These algorithms lead to more cost effective solutions than traditionally used best practices.

An Integrated Approach
Our solutions are integrated into your current systems, rather than adding yet another expensive software package to your IT department’s overhead cost. This integration effort also includes training of your in-house warehousing professionals.

For more information please visit www.optimizedwarehousing.com